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Lil Wayne Ordered to Pay Quincy Jones III $2.2 Million

Lil Wayne has lost his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III.

Lil Wayne sued Jones for using his music and image in a 2009 documentary that the “Lollipop” rapper called a “scandalous portrayal.” Wayne was unable to appear in court due to a medical emergency and had his lawyer give his deposition instead. The judge called the rapper’s handling of the situation “irresponsible” and ruled in favor of Jones, who filed a counter suit. Wayne has been ordered to pay Jones $2.2 million for loss profits that stemmed from the rapper’s public disapproval of the film.

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is not happy about the decision and thinks the judge and jury were biased. He is under the impression that the jury was pissed because he wasn’t able to show up to the deposition. The report also claims the emcee isn’t worried about having to pay the money because it isn’t that big of an amount to him. This case has been tumultuous due to the health scare and other factors. According to a report from MTV, videos of a conflict between Lil Wayne and his lawyer surfaced and were released by TMZ last month. In the video, Weezy’s lawyer, Pete Ross, is seen questioning him about subjects like interviews and a jail stint. When the lawyer asked him about an alleged interview with Katie Couric, the Young Money boss answered “Pete Ross, that’s a stupid ass question.” When asked if he remember his jail time at Rikers Island, he told the attorney “I don’t know.” As the questioning continued, Lil Wayne got more irritated and at the end of the video, he threatened Ross. The video was supposed to be shown at the trial in place of Wayne giving a deposition in person.

In addition to losing this lawsuit, Wayne’s album release date has been pushed back. The album, “I Am Not A Human Being 2”, was going to be released in early December but now it will not be released until 2013. This is the second time the album has been pushed back. It was originally set to be released this month. There is no word on why the album has been pushed back again.Li

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