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Ann Romney, Michelle Obama Stylish Race to The White House

Ann Romney and first lady Michelle Obama have been prominent figures in their husbands’ political campaigns and the world of fashion.

As sad as it may be to admit, Michelle and Ann’s fashion choices might have made more headlines than both of their husbands as they battle it out to be the next president of the United States.

We hope voters won’t be basing their decisions on whose fashions appealed to them the most, but both of the ladies’ appearances may still have quite an impact on their husbands’ campaigns.

As the time to elect another president has finally arrived, both First Lady Michelle Obama and Mitt’s wife Ann Romney have been hitting the campaign trails for a last minute push in their husbands’ favor.

Needless to say, both ladies seemed to opt out of any daring fashion choices during the last 30 days before Election Day.

The First Lady has been attacked several times for her outfit choices as the media claimed they were too bold, distracting, and even inappropriate – based on the fact that she often left her shoulders exposed.

As Election Day crawled closer and closer, however, Mrs. Obama’s fashion choices remained safe but still ever so stylish as she rocked big names such as Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, L’Wren Scott, and her favorite pieces by Michael Kors and Rachel Roy.

The First Lady even showed off one of her less daring but still very fashion forward looks as she hit the campaign trail once again to push for more voters in Orlando.

Ann Romney has also been putting out some of her best fashionable but safe ensembles as she stuck to her usual pieces by Alfred Fiandaca and Oscar de la Renta.

Throughout Romney’s campaign, Mrs. Romney didn’t tend to steer too far away from what most people would expect a first lady to wear as she didn’t even go near some of the more daring fashion trends that Michelle went for.

Surprisingly, however, some people may have read into Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe a little more than anyone would have expected.

Newsweek’s Robin Givhan revealed that although most of the times there is nothing more to an outfit than just being an outfit, sometimes the American people read each ensemble as a new message.

She explained that the First Lady’s wardrobe “convey significant messages about economics, female power, and the potency of the creative spirit” in some people’s eyes, but for most people a pretty dress was nothing more than just that – a dress.

Whether is the First Lady who rocks daring patterns and bright colors, or the Conservative beauty who settles for a classic and clean cut appearance, America will definitely be having four more years of a very stylish first lady.

*Update* President Obama has won the election.

Ann Romney at election

Michelle Obama on election night


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