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First Clip From 'World War Z' Emerges Online

The first known clip of Brad Pitt in World War Z has surfaced online courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, showcasing the iconic star and, well, a horde of zombies.

World War Z is the much anticipated adaptation of Max Brook’s 2006  post-apocalyptic horror novel by the same name. It’ll star Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane,  a UN employee who is racing against time and fate as he travels the world battling a deadly zombie pandemic. The likes of Mireille Enos and David Morse will co-star.

Marc Forster helmed World War Z, a director unfortunately known mostly for 2008’s harrowing Quantum of Solace, which still has die-hard Bond fans reeling in disgust. His other (see: better) work such as 2001’s southern gothic Monster’s Ball, 2005’s psychedelic Stay, 2006’s quirky Stranger Than Fiction and last year’s intense Machine Gun Preacher, seems to have been forgotten in the wake of Solace‘s nonsuccess. Judging from the clip, World War Z looks to be much better.

World War Z also looks to be a different kind of zombie film altogether. Instead of focusing on the usual downtrodden populace featured in most zombie flicks, World War Z will focus on the surviving humans’ all-out war effort against the undead, complete with government incompetence, corporate interest, and guns, lots and lots of guns. The novel is seen as both a social commentary and zombie story, if that helps. Don’t expect to see a group of strangers holed up somewhere.

What you can expect to see from World War Z is action. The clip seems to be wholeheartedly devoted to it. Hopefully, by the film’s release next Summer, a bit more footage will be unveiled and more bits of storyline will be made known to the public. In the meantime, seek out the novel and enjoy the clip below!

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