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'Elementary' Earns Coveted Post Super Bowl Slot

“It’s Elementary, My dear America”

– CBS to the nation when annoucing which show will follow the 2013 Super Bowl

CBS has officially announced that a new episode of Elementary, starring Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller will air post Super Bowl XLVII. It’s no secret that this time slot following the nation’s biggest televised sporting event is highly coveted and sure to bring in high volumes of viewers.  Hit scripted shows like Fox’s Glee and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy have earned the spot in recent years. However, history tells us that the reality TV shows tend to bring in more of the viewers. In past years Survivor: All Stars in 2004, Undercover Boss in 2010, and The Voice in 2012 pulled in 36, 39, and 38 million viewers respectively. Grey’s Anatomy did manage to break 30 million viewers in 2009, perhaps Elementary will do the same…

Elementary focuses on a modern day Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Watson, only this time it’s Dr. Joan Watson played by firecracker Lucy Liu. Holmes is portrayed by Johnny Lee Miller and is a recovering drug addict too brilliant to normally function in society. Thus far Elementary  has proved very successful for it’s freshman season, chances are it will pull in quite a large viewership on America’s most watched network. 

Will you be tuning in?

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