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Clipper Lamar Odom Called Himself A ‘Laker’ On Media Day

lamar odom laker?

Lamar Odom clearly was not all in with the Los Angeles Clippers just before the season started.  How else to explain him introducing himself as a Los Angeles Laker at the start of training camp?

Well, maybe it was just a slip of the tongue, which happens. Then again, it could have been a Freudian slip. Whatever the case, Odom surely wishes did not get a hold of his Media Day video clip when he looked into a camera and said, “Hi, I’m Lamar Odom on the Los Angeles Lakers.”

Odom returned to Los Angeles after a disastrous year with the Dallas Mavericks where he pouted, played poorly, whined and eventually was released. He was so bad and so mentally not in tune with being in Dallas that he apologized to owner Mark Cuban.

No one knows just yet if he apologized to Clipper owner Donald Stirling, who has been trying for decades to get above the Lakers’ shadow that hovers over his franchise.

This is actually Odom’s second stint with the Clippers. He played 234 games over five seasons there when they were woefully bad and were dominated by the Lakers, in stature and play. Odom didn’t help the cause by being injured, which he could not help, and suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, which he could have avoided.

Eventually, he would up with the Lakers, where he played 437 career games over seven years, including  two NBA titles, three trips to the Finals, and the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award in 2011. Clearly, he feels like he’s a Laker and it is where he did his best NBA work.

But this unearthed gaffe makes it seem like he was not connected with his return to the Clippers just before the season started. That’s not the end of the world, but NBA Bloopers just picked up one more clip that will draw smiles for a long time to come.


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