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Rihanna, Karrueche Tran ‘Cool’ With Chris Brown Love Triangle

Rihanna and Karrueche Tran were once publicly feuding over ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, but now sources reveal that the two girls are “cool” with the love triangle; and it seems like Karrueche has taken to Twitter to show Chris that he isn’t the only guy trying to get at her.

The anonymous source told Hollywood Life that “Ri and KT are cool” with the face that Chris really does have feelings for both of them, but even the source admitted that the R&B bad boy is up to no good.

“He got them both twisted up,” the source said. “I guess he trying to get as much p***y as he can before he leaves next month.”

The ladies may be okay with the love triangle, but they certainly aren’t interested in seeing one another – or sharing.

When Rihanna threw her own $100,000 Halloween bash on Wednesday she was reportedly afraid that Brown would show up hand in hand with Tran. According to the source, however, KT should know better than to show up with her ex in Rihanna’s presence.

“Even though Ri cool with what’s going on I ain’t sure she trying to have KT all up in her party,” the anonymous source explained. “And KT don’t want to go. Ri’s crew don’t like her. KT should keep her a** at home.”

Brown’s break up with Tran has been official for a month now, but he still can’t seem to keep away from the aspiring model. He was spotted meeting up with her at a gas station and even had his bodyguard pay for her gas. Rumors also suggests that Karrueche then followed her ex to the studio for some quality time together.

Just a matter of days before that, however, he had invited the “Diamonds” songstress to his personal Qubeey launch event and was seen cuddling with the Bajan beauty while sharing a cigarette with her.

Before everyone hops on their Twitter to talk about how naïve Tran is, however, friends of the wanna be model have reported that it’s the “Don’t Judge Me” singer who is chasing her… not the other way around.

“…He [keeps] texting and sending her pictures of them together and [telling] her he [misses] her all the time and this and that,” the 23-year-old’s friend explained. “I wish he would be with her if he feels that way, but I know he’s a dog – but Karrueche doesn’t think so.”

Maybe she does know, and now she’s ready to turn the tables on the player because Tran posted several photos to her Twitter and Instagram that made it apparent that Chris was the last thing on her mind.

The petite party girl was seen out and about partying with her friends… and some new guys.

In one photo, Chris’s ex is even pressing her butt up against one of her male companions and sticking her tongue out.

She was showing off her toned stomach in a white crop top and burgundy pants as she posed for photo after photo after photo before posting them all to her Twitter.

Rihanna’s nemesis didn’t even need to post the pictures, however, if she just wanted her ex to hear about her fun filled night. Rumors also suggest that the “Don’t Wake Me Up” crooner’s stylist was at the same party witnessing the entire scene unfold.

Only time will tell when these ladies will finally grown tired of the tatted up Virginia boy’s player ways, because it seems like even a Twitter full of pics with other men isn’t really enough to beat Brown at his own game.


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