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Chris Brown: Glowing Probation Report

Chris Brown made an appearance in court for a probation hearing, stemming from his assault on Rihana back in February 2009. Judge Patricia Schnegg found Brown to be in complete compliance with the terms of his probation, ignoring Brown’s positive marijuana test last month. In September, Brown told the probation department that he had injested marijuana in California, where he has a medical marijuana card. Schnegg chose to overlook the positive test, because drug testing was not on of the stipulations of his probation.

“You are not only in the public eye but you are on probation to me,” Schnegg told the R&B star previously. “You are on probation for five years and you still have a couple left. Your conduct is important.”

Brown was accompanied by attorney Mark Geragos. At one point Geragos reprimanded his client, after Brown attempted to speak to the judge directly. “You don’t talk. I don’t dance, you don’t talk,” Geragos told Brown, a strategy that will likely serve Brown well over the final two years of his probation.

Irish hip-hop group the Original Rudeboys turned down an invitation to open for Brown’s Dublin show next month, citing the F.A.M.E artist’s legal troubles. “Even though it’s a huge opportunity to play in the 02 with a major hip hop star and a substantial fee was offered, we are completely against Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna,” group member Sean Walsh told Ireland’s RTE.

“In addition, with our latest single ‘Blue Eyes’ being about domestic violence it goes against everything we are about as a band and supporting Chris Brown would send out the wrong message to our fans.”

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