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Still Pregnant Tamera Mowry Reveals Baby Nursery

Tamera Mowry let a camera crew into her home as she revealed the elegant yet whimsical nursery that’s waiting for her baby boy.

Tamera’s due date may have passed, but her baby refuses to be rushed as the reality star is still yet to give birth.

The delayed birth may be a good thing for the reality starlet, however, as it allowed her to completely finish the whimsical and rustic looking baby nursery along with the help of celebrity designer Shalena Smith.

The nursery featured adorable details such as the personalized blocks that spelled out “Baby Housley” along with a basket filled with cute stuffed friends for the baby when he arrives.

The blocks were from Gaga Design and seemed to really accentuate the cozy feel of the Newport Cottage changing table.

Even Tamera’s husband, Adam Housley, was able to contribute to the nursery’s design. A custom canvas has one of Adam’s favorite quotes on it: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

A simple quote wasn’t his only contribution, however, and it seems like the items that weren’t designer products were some of the best additions to the baby’s room.

Several vintage items that Tamera’s husband has had in his family for years are now decorating the nursery waiting for their new heir.

Perhaps one of the most interesting of all the historical pieces is a small airplane that the soon-to-be mommy revealed was “hand carved by an Italian prisoner of World War II and given to Adam’s grandfather, an American soldier, for his kindness.”

The room is ready for the baby’s well anticipated arrival, but until that fateful day comes the twin reality star is taking some time to enjoy the peace and quiet – something she won’t get for quite a few years after the baby is born.

“Learning to enjoy the peace and quiet now before I deliver my lil angel,” the 34-year-old tweeted.

That still doesn’t mean she isn’t eager to welcome her little boy into the world, however.

Tia’s twin sister admitted that she has been having dreams about her son and “can’t wait to kiss his face.”

Luckily for her she is expected to give birth any moment now and plans to take on the labor pains without any help.

Tia, who has already given birth to her son Cree, doesn’t recommend that her sister follows through the natural birth however.

“She is my sister and we can’t take pain,” Tia explained. “Pain and us, we just don’t mix! She is trying to be brave, which is good… but I don’t think she is going to make it.”

She just might be able to pull it off with the help of a good coach, and the Tia & Tamera reality star is ready to be just that.

“I will be in the room with her coaching her,” Tia added.

The expecting mother was counting down to the wire in anticipation of her son’s birth, which was supposed to be the day before Halloween, but now there is no other guess of when the baby is due and she will just have to be ready for the baby to come at any second.

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