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Critics Rave About Denzel Washington’s Performance in Flight

The reviews are in for “Flight” and critics are pleased with Denzel Washington’s performance. In the film, Washington portrays a pilot and addict who saved his passengers from a fiery grave after nailing an emergency landing.

Washington’s performance scored rave reviews from critics and is generating some Oscar buzz. “Enough cannot be said about Denzel Washington’s performance as Whip. From slurring drunk to raged-out violent, the full gamut of acting emotions are on display in Flight,” wrote Jon Hueber for HDR. “And the greatest bit of acting from Washington comes from his nuanced portrayal of an alcoholic. To slight tremors in his hands and face, to a tick where he constantly licks the insides of his cheeks and lips, Washington owns Whip Whitaker and I’m pretty confident that Oscar might come calling.”

Fox News’ Justin Craig called Washington’s performance “phenomenal” and admired his multidimensional portrayal. “On the surface Whip is a completely unlikeable jerk, but Washington subtly imbues empathy so that by the end of the film it’s hard not to be torn between rooting for his freedom and demanding retribution,” Craig wrote. “His nuanced performance is an ebb and flow of sobriety and intoxication, anger and remorse. Whip is not a superhero, he’s bitter, obnoxious, petulant and dismissive – he’s human – which is fascinating to watch.”

In addition to promoting Flight, Washington is making his way back to Broadway. He made the announcement on the Charlie Rose show during an appearance with “Flight” director Robert Zemeckis. “What I want to do is come back to Broadway, which I plan to do in 2014… Scott Rudin and Kenny Leon, who directed me in Fences, we’re all trying to figure out which play to do,” he said. “I won’t say which play – they already got their minds made up. But 2014.”

This isn’t the first time Washington was in talks to appear in a play. Back in 2010, Al Pacino revealed that he was negotiating with Washington to do Othello on Broadway. “I once talked to Denzel Washington about doing Othello. I turned down Iago in the past because I thought there was a banality to Iago. Time has passed, and I have read the play again and again and found a way in… Now I want to do it,” Pacino told the New York Times. Considering Washington’s acting credits, he will probably nail whatever part is placed in front of him.

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