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President Obama Will Close Out Campaign with Performances by Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen

President Obama will wrap up his campaign with performances by Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday. Springsteen will play again at the president’s final rally, in Des Moines, Iowa. First lady Michelle Obama will join them onstage.

Jay-Z and Springsteen will cap a star-studded final push by the Obama campaign. Stevie Wonder, Marc Anthony and Gabrielle Union joined Michelle Obama in Florida on Thursday, and the Dave Matthews Band is performing on Saturday in Bristow, Va., at a rally with Obama and former president Bill Clinton.

Like Mitt Romney, who will hold his final rally in New Hampshire, Obama chose a symbolic location for the end of his campaign. Obama proved himself a viable candidate when he won Iowa in 2008. One day, he said, the American people will look back on the 2008 Iowa caucuses and say, “This is the moment when it all began.”

Source: Washington Post


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