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Inadvertent Mistakes Often Made by Parents

Through my work, I’ve had the honour of interacting with thousands of students and young adults.

When students and young adults share their struggles with me, it becomes evident that many of these struggles have to do with their relationship with their parents.

Obviously, parents would never intentionally frustrate their children. But none of us are perfect, and parents are no exception.

In this article, I’ll describe 15 things that parents often do inadvertently, which hurt their children.

I’ll make it clear upfront that I’m not a parent myself; all of these observations are written from the child’s perspective.

(To avoid writing “he or she” repeatedly, I’ll assume that the child is female.)

1. Call her “stupid” or “useless”

It’s shocking that, in a fit of anger, many parents call their child “stupid” or “useless”. Cruel words like these can remain etched in her mind for a lifetime.

2. Decide everything for her

Doing this can make her feel like she’s being restricted and that she’s not wise or intelligent enough to make her own choices.

3. Overemphasize the importance of obedience

Some parents do everything they can to raise an obedient child, but this can come at the expense of the parent-child relationship.

4. Don’t show affection

When parents rarely show affection, the child may begin to question whether she is loved.

5. Discipline her when they are angry

Discipline should be carried out when the parents are calm…

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