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Watch: Atlanta-Area Woman Facing Criticism, Possible Charges After She’s Seen Encouraging Daughter to Attack Alleged Bully In Brutal Brawl

The father of a metro Atlanta teen attacked in a caught-on-camera brawl is pushing for charges against a woman seen encouraging the young ladies to fight.

The clip, which surfaced this week, shows a pair of teens duking it out at a park while an unidentified woman eggs them on. FOX 5 Atlanta reports the incident unfolded in late July at Mainstreet Pavilion in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

“Get her! Get her!” the woman yells as the teens tussle in the grass.

DeKalb County Teens Fight

In video of a fight between two young teens, an unnamed woman is heard using foul language as she encourages the brawl. (Photo: Fox 5 Atlanta / video screenshot)

The father said he was appalled by what he saw.

“It just shocked me, you know, to see somebody igniting two little girls to fight,” the man, who asked to remain anonymous, told the outlet. ” I really think it’s ignorant. You’re the only adult there. Why didn’t you break it up?”

The frustrated father said he wasn’t aware of the video until Monday when a friend saw the clip on social media and alerted him after recognizing the man’s 13-year-old daughter as the girl being attacked. At a point, the man’s daughter, who’s in middle school, gains the upper hand and starts beating the other teen repeatedly. That’s when the unnamed woman steps in to separate the girls.

The man told FOX 5 his daughter told him the woman seen in the video was also armed with a gun. In the clip, she’s seen with an item tucked into her waistband. 

The father his since filed a report with DeKalb County Police in hopes the woman will be charged. He said the incident was handled in some way, but he wants the authorities to get involved. His report lists the offense as simple battery, according to the outlet.

The woman, who remains unidentified, admits “she wasn’t thinking” when she took her daughter to the park to fight. In a Friday morning interview with Atlanta’s “Streetz 94.5” radio show, the woman, who’s the mother of the other teen, said fallout from the incident has since cost her her job.

She explained her daughter was being bullied and said it was the other girl and her friends who called and threatened to pick a fight with the teen at the park. Through tears, she described her child as quiet and one who isn’t known to start trouble. She was tired of the harassment, however, so her mom encouraged her to stand up for herself.

“It was just the heat of the moment,” she said. “They kept picking on my baby.”

The woman, who said she wasn’t aware the incident was being filmed, has acknowledged she was in the wrong, but the situation has since sparked a larger debate on how parents should handle their child’s bully.

“YES she should be charged…..,” one Facebook user commented. “BEING the adult, ONE would think she would stop the incident before it got started, instead she’s PUSHING for them to fight….. SMDH, I hope she gets charged.”

“Ughhhh I hate this,” another chimed in. “That’s my cousin and while there is some wrongdoing here the full story definitely ain’t being told…only the part that points to her being in the wrong is what’s being displayed. Smh. I feel for all parties involved as these kids today are destined for doom.”

Watch more in the clip below.

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