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Kim Kardashian Denies Rumors of Engagement to Kanye West

Currently in the midst of a divorce, Kim Kardashian appears to be in no rush to marry current boyfriend Kanye West, striking down rumors that the Watch the Throne rapper had proposed to her earlier in the month. In celebration of Kim’s 32nd birthday, the pair spent a weekend vacationing in Italy, after which Kim was seed with a new diamond pinky ring. The jewelry prompted fans of the reality TV star to speculate on a possible engagement.

Ryan Seacrest, who serves as a producer of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” incited further claims after he told his KIIS FM radio audience “we could definitely see an update on this story on Monday.”

Kardashian, who filed for divorce from basketball player Kris Humphries last Halloween after a 72-day marriage, had a very different story to tell during an interview with

“I don’t know where Ryan came up with that. Ryan, I’m so mad at you, where did you come up with that? You’re starting rumors,” she said. “It’s just a rumor. But I had an amazing birthday, very intimate and very special.”

Kim may need to deal with another rumor working its way through the mill, as gossip source The Daily Star reports that a second sex tape featuring the start with her ex Ray J is currently being shopped for $30 million dollars. The original tape, which leaked in 2007, has been called the launching pad for Kim’s career.

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