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Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Parents

Disaster ‘go bag’

Federal forecasters predict up to eight hurricanes for the 2012 hurricane season, including as many as three classified as major-strength, Category 3 storms.

Having witnessed the terrible impact disasters can have on children, Save the Children wants every parent to know just what to do to keep their children safe – both physically and psychologically.

“Save the Children knows from experience that disasters can cause fear, anxiety and stress in children, which can last long after the initial impact,” says Save the Children’s Domestic Emergencies Advisor Jeanne-Aimée De Marrais. “That’s why we have to do everything we can to minimize the emotional effect of such traumatizing events on children and provide the support they need.”

Based upon Save the Children’s years of domestic and international experience of coming to the aid of children in emergencies, the tips below and to the right can be used as a guide by parents and other adults who want to help loved ones cope in the face of disaster.

In addition to the basic emergency kits that include survival items such as water, a flashlight and a battery-powered radio, families need to put kid-friendly supplies and plans on the list.

Save the Children Disaster Checklist for Families:

Comfort Items: stuffed animal, doll, pacifier or blanket

Personal Hygiene: baby wipes, feminine products, diapers, nursing pads

Children’s Activities: books, puzzles, games

Infant Nutrition: nursing supplies, formula, pre-packaged baby food

Medical needs: infant/child fever reducer, rash ointment

Family meet-up: Pick a safe spot to meet if separated such as a local school or library

Out-of-towner: A family contact who would not be affected by a local disaster…

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