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Paideia School Janitor Accused of Putting Cameras in Boys, Girls Bathrooms

Paideia janitor Josh Ensley

A Paideia School worker has been fired after being accused of putting cameras in the high school girls and boys bathrooms.

The US Postal Service began investigating 51 year old Josh Ensley as part of a child pornography distribution investigation. According to a criminal complaint the investigation involved a movie production company that operated an internet site that offered DVD’s of child pornography.

When agents searched Ensley’s Tucker home they found DVD’s that he ordered from the company, according to the complaint. They also found videos of children using the restroom.

According to the complaint: “Upon questioning, Josh Ensley admitted that he used a small camera and video-taped girls and boys in the stalls and urinals of the DeKalb County school where he worked as a maintenance man.”

“Josh Ensley said he would hide the camera in a hollowed air freshener and place it by the boy’s urinals and on a broom handle in the girls handicapped bathroom stall,” according to the complaint.

In letter sent to parents on Thursday, school administrators said janitorial employee Josh Ensley was also charged with possessing child pornography on his home computer and is now in federal custody…

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