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Presidential Polls: Romney Erases Obama's Advantage With Women Voters

President Obama may have hosted a concert with pop star Katy Perry to 13K people in Nevada but polls indicate his stronghold amongst women voters have slipped. In a new poll released by Associated Press-GfK poll shows Republican candidate Mitt Romney has successfully staged a coup against Obama’s 16-point advantage among women. On the flip side, the president have taken away from Romney’s advantage on male voters which quite frankly is rather surprising.

Meanwhile the NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll conducted Tuesday and Wednesday – entirely after Monday’s third and final presidential debate shows Romney and Obama virtually tied in Colorado. The race is tied at 48 percent for each candidate, while in Nevada voters split 50 percent for Obama and 47 percent for Romney.

The three-point advantage for Obama is within the survey’s sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points. An American Research Group poll of Nevada likely voters conducted both before and after Monday’s debate found a similarly close race, with Obama at 49 percent and Romney at 47 percent.

Romney’s favorability ratings have also increased in both states since that September sample. He improved five percentage points in Colorado (from 43 percent to 48 percent) and added three percentage points (from 45 percent to 48 percent) in Nevada. Obama’s favorability moved up two points in Nevada (from 50 percent to 52 percent), but remained at 51 percent in Colorado.

The polls were conducted October 23 and 24 by telephone. The Nevada sample included 1,042 likely voters and has a sampling error of plus or minus three points. In Colorado, 1,128 likely voters were contacted, and the poll has a sampling error of plus or minus 2.9 percentage points.

Two months ago no one would have imagined such a tight race.

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