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Katy Perry Ballot Dress Encourages Early Voting

Katy Perry, a ballot dress, President Obama and 13,000 people – what more do you need for a rock star concert?! Katy Perry rocked the huge crowd in Las Vegas with what’s been term the ‘ballot dress’.

The white latex long sleeved number had “President of the United States” in bold text with the two names of the two candidates below. Obama’s box was shaded in while Romney’s remained blank. The only mishap with Perry’s ballot dress may be her decision to pair it with red shoes…..?

During her performance which opened with her rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” and hits from her album Teenage Dream, Perry urged the crowd to ‘Vote Early.’

She added, ‘Don’t wait. Go tomorrow. How many of you are 18 here? It’s going to be your first time, right?’

Some time after the concert presumably after 12am Perry, who turned 28 years old on Thursday, thanked the president for his shout-outs. “So tonight was a great night! The PRESIDENT gave grandma and I unforgettable shout outs & now I am officially 28! Best. birthday. Ever.”

On Thursday afternoon, Perry had a special lunch date lined up…..with first lady Michelle Obama.

“NOW my bday is complete! Lunch with @MichelleObama #chicvote (sic)”

After receiving lots of love on Twitter Perry expressed her gratitude to her millions of followers, “Thank you all for making me feel so special today. I’m overwhelmed with all the love that I might have a small happy cry now. So blessed.”

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