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Jessica Biel Takes Timberlake In Marriage And In Name


As you’ve probably  heard, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are the most recent celebrity couple to tie the knot. The duo recently exchanged vows at their private nuptials in Puglia, Italy.

While many relationships in Hollywood don’t tend to last longer than a few months, Jessica Biel has faith that hers is sticking. So much faith that she’s legally changing her last name. Jessica Biel told she will now go forward as Jessica Timberlake. Jessica even proclaimed that she won the “jackpot of names” and is proud to embrace her new title. She is keeping Biel professionally, so this name change doesn’t really change anything for us commoners, unless of course you know Mrs. Biel Timberlake personally.

An added element of gushy romantic coincidence- now the couples initials will both be JT. Perhaps they’ll give their children “J” names for a whole JT clan. Take that Brangelina and your brood…

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