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Sean 'Diddy' Combs Refuses Medical Attention After Accident

Sean Combs better known as Diddy was involved in a car crash that left him sitting stunned on the grass of the Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles yesterday evening. On Instagram just a few hours before the crash, Diddy shared a photo of the gorgeous New York skyline on Twitter…

“Retweet if you like my view! #DiddyView.”

His next tweet would tell of a different story; “Woah…that was a close one!”

According to the reports the music mogul’s chauffeur-driven black Cadillac Escalade slammed into the back of a Lexus sedan that made a surprising left turn in front of their vehicle. Diddy’s Cadillac was badly damaged and required the services of a tow truck.

It is believed employees from the Beverly Hills hotel came to the aid of Diddy, his passengers and the driver of the Lexus. Reportedly no one was taken to the hospital namely Diddy who complained of pain but refused a hospital visit. Instead, according to Beverly Hills police Lt. Lincoln Hoshinohe he opted to seek his own medical attention.

No tickets were issued in the accident – which seems rather odd if Diddy’s Cadillac was abruptly cut off by the Lexus.



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