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Katy Perry & Barack Obama Party In The USA

It’s safe to say Katy Perry is a registered Democrat.

The Huffington Post reported that Barack Obama, and 10,000 other viewers, listened to pop princess Katy Perry proudly sing her praises for the incumbent POTUS last night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Katy Perry’s outfit before revealing her skin tight ballot dress.

Katy began her performance wearing a power suit straight out of the 1980’s.  Her dancers removed thequestionably shoulder padded piece to reveal a skin tight latex dress (that was much more her style) and modeled after a voting ballot. “President of the United States” was emblazoned across her chest and her torso boasted a box filled in to signify her vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden as President and Vice President – as if the world didn’t already know who she was supporting. Mitt Romney’s name was also listed on the bottom half of the ballot dress next to an unmarked box, however the designer opted to show more of Katy’s legs than include Republican VP candidate, Paul Ryan, on the garment.

Perry riled up the young voters by reminding the 18 year olds it was their first time to vote. She pushed them to vote tomorrow rather than waiting until November 6th. President Obama also took the stage for one of his charismatic speeches, he proclaimed  “I believe in you. I need you to keep believing in me.”

Katy Perry is on a long list of A-list celebs who proudly show their support for Barack Obama. She joins fellow celebrity Obama supporters George Clooney, Beyonce Knowles, Oprah, and Scarlett Johansson, just to name a few. Katy’s efforts will certainly help gain favor of the younger voters. Overall though Katy largely appeals to a demographic too young to vote, but every little bit helps. I also think she might convince some young men to hit the voting booths if their ballots look anything like hers…

After his stop in Sin City, President Obama will visit more swing states and attempt to gain some final votes before the election on November 6th.


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