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Nicki Minaj Prepares for Wardrobe Malfunction on UK Stage

Nicki Minaj had a wardrobe malfunction during a performance for her U.K concert tour, but thankfully the star planned ahead and avoided a nip slip.

Both Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian’s mom have made headlines after their nip slips, but Nicki wasn’t going to join in on the nipple exposing this time.

When she hit the stage at the Manchester’s MEN Arena on Monday, her black puff ball dress started to slip down a little farther than she had hoped.

Earlier this year the “Starships” crooner’s boobs slipped out during a performance on Good Morning America, but she seemed to have learned her lesson.

This time when her well endowed breasts popped free, the singer had already placed flower shaped pasties over her nipples in an attempt to keep a bit of her modesty.

The rapper turned pop star performed on as if she wasn’t even aware of the wardrobe malfunction while her fans continued to snap photos of the embarrassing incident.

At the end of the performance, however, the “Pound the Alarm” rapper called out to the crowd saying, “You guys have seen my boobs before. You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

Needless to say, the Barbs definitely told.

At first glance, the well placed flower shaped stickers seem to be Minaj’s way of making sure she didn’t have any more photos of her nipple circulating on the internet, but several other people believe it was just a cry for attention.

“She obviously knew they were going to pop out if she had nipple covers on in the first place,” Alex accused on the Daily Mail blog. “Attention seeker.”

According to the 29-year-old she actually was well aware that her boobs were likely to spill out from under the black corset like top of the poofy dress, but claimed it wasn’t because she wanted (or needed) any attention.

“This is our first show so excuse any boobs popping out or any penises popping out,” the R&B star warned her fans.

Of course, instead of going through with the performance with pasties, it would have made much more sense to just change the outfit if she knew ahead of time that the dress was ill fitting.

Either way, her British fans still showed how much they adored her and gave the quirky performer lots of love during and after the concert.

“Just had the time of my life in Manchester,” the wig loving rapper tweeted. “Can’t begin to describe their energy… Unbelievable… #PinkFridayRELOADEDTour.”

The question still remains on if fans were screaming because they just loved the new American Idol judge’s music or if they really were just yelling for her to put the girls away.


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