Kim Kardashian's Mom Kris Jenner Embraces Nip Slip in Halloween Costume

Kim Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, shared a picture of an embarrassing nip slip on Instagram while dressed up for Halloween; meanwhile, Kim dressed up for her Italian 32nd birthday celebration.

After J-Lo’s recent nip slip on tour made national headlines, it seems as if Kris couldn’t help but join in on the party.

Showing off her Wonder Woman costume for Halloween, the reality star mom’s costume slid down too far and exposed the top of her nipple.

Despite the exposed nip being on full display, Jenner still decided to share the photo via Instragram and Twitter.

Unfortunately for 15 and 16 year old daughters Kylie and Kendall, this is the role model they have to look up to – unless they decide to look up to older half sister Kim and take the sex tape route instead.

After the inappropriate picture remained on display for about 20 minutes, daughter Khloe commented on the photo saying, “Hi nips. That’s my mom.”

Although the 56-year-old never replied back to her daughter, she did eventually remove the picture from both social networking sites.

It isn’t sure whether or not the nip slip was an honest accident or a publicity stunt, but one can’t help but wonder why a mother with young kids would want to parade themselves around in a costume as low cut as the one Kris was sporting.

While Kimmy K’s mother was busy flashing her nips, the now 32-year-old Kardashian was busy enjoying her birthday in Italy with boyfriend Kanye West.

The 35-year-old rapper took his boo to Venice yesterday (October 21) to try to cheer her up about turning another year older.

During an interview with E! News, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star said, “I’m not so into a 32nd birthday. Doesn’t do it for me, so I don’t really care.”

After the “Mercy” rapper whisked her out of the country, however, she seemed to change her tune about celebrating another birthday.

While in Venice Kanye purchased a single red rose for his boo, which doesn’t exactly match up to the $750,000 Lamborghini that Kim bought him for his birthday, but it still was enough to put a smile on the reality star’s face.

Kim took to Twitter to tell her followers of the great time she was having with Mr. West.

“Italy is so beautiful! Best birthday ever,” she tweeted while they strolled around enjoying the Italian scenery.

The curvy star and her boyfriend may have been taking a casual stroll, but for some reason Kimmy didn’t get that memo as she dressed up in a wedding inspired Dolce & Gabbana dress paired with some black boots and a red handbag.

Yeezy looked a little more casual in his usual leather pants, a black button down, a black blazer, and black sneakers – no wonder he sucked all the color out of Kim’s closet.

The trip to Venice seemed to be just what the L.A socialite needed, however, as she expressed some of her frustrations with filming the new season of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.”

“From us getting a house, not getting a house, staying in a hotel with Kourtney’s million kids, with her just wanting to be a mom all day long, me wanting to explore Miami, it’s exhausting,” Kourtney’s younger sister admitted. “That’s the best word that I can describe it with.”

As much as we’re positive that the Kardashian sister has such a difficult life (not really), you can’t really blame Kourtney for wanting to be a mommy all day especially when her baby girl Penelope doesn’t even recognize her own father.


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