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Jessica Biel’s Ring Gets Mixed Reviews After Wedding with Justin Timberlake

All eyes are on Jessica Biel’s ring as she and Justin Timberlake emerge for the first time as husband and wife.

The newlywed couple was photographed together as husband and wife for the first time on Sunday at the airport in Italy.

The couple was dressed in comfort as they prepared to board a plane for an undisclosed location – rumors have it that the two are sneaking off to their honeymoon.

Before the now husband and wife departed from their wedding spot at the Borgo Egnazia Resort, however, both stars showed off their new flashy accessories although Jessica’s was a bit harder to see.

“We’re looking, we’re looking… but we’re not finding,” an article on The Cut said of the seemingly non existent wedding ring.

Photogs snapped away at Justin’s new wife, but none of the photos really seemed to pick up what the world was sure would be a gigantic wedding ring.

Even E! News had to comment on how seemingly invisible Jessica Biel’s ring seemed to be in the photos of her waving away guests outside of their lavish Italian hotel.

“Of course, it may be slightly hard to see, falling as it does in the shadow of that gigantic boulder of a diamond engagement ring,” E! News reported in an attempt to be honest about the size of the ring but not upset the popular celebs. “…but if you look close enough, it’s there.”

We’ll just take your word for it E!

Either way, the 30-year-old “7th Heaven” star appeared to be glowing as she when she was spotted walking along the grounds of the Borgo Egnazia Resort.

Biel threw on a casual loose fitting white t-shirt, black leggings, and dark shades as she escorted her wedding guests out of the resort.

The celebration of the couple’s nuptials lasted for a week and cost the couple a whopping $6.5 million to put together the fireworks and beach celebration for all their close friends and family.

Timberlake was quiet about the wedding details, but ever since he tied the knot with Jessica he hasn’t been able to stop talking about the beautiful ceremony.

“It’s great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends,” the former N’sync member said.

After the wedding, cameras had no problem spotting Justin’s gold wedding band on his finger as he also took a stroll to take in all the beauty that Fresno had to offer.

Maybe the honeymoon photos will reveal a better picture of the supposedly impressive diamond that seems to be hidden somewhere on the Total Recall star’s finger.




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