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Beyonce's Effort To Trademark Baby Blue's Name Thwarted by Boston Firm

Beyonce’s unique baby name has been trademarked by a Boston firm, but the legal battle hasn’t stopped Bey from dropping hints about her Super Bowl performance.

When Beyonce finally gave birth, the world was on edge to learn of the baby’s moniker and Blue Ivy was surely a unique name fitting for the Queen of R&B’s child.

The only problem is, the name isn’t as unique as everyone thought it was.

Blue Ivy’s mommy wanted to trademark the baby name, in part to start a line of baby products with her daughter’s name, but someone has already beat her to the punch.

The Boston firm, which plans small events and weddings, has been using the name since 2009… long before Beyonce was even rumored to be pregnant.

As it turns out, there are several other business across the nation that operate under that very same name, which means the 31-year-old performer will have no legal rights to keep the name to herself.

Despite being pitted against the “Dance For Your” songstress, the owner of the Boston firm, Veronica Alexandra, appreciates the free publicity that all this has given her.

Not only has trade marking the name gotten her several news spots, but just the simple fact that Blue Ivy is now one of the most searched terms on Google has helped give her business a boost.

Jay-Z’s wife may have lost the baby name battle, but she will still be taking over the stage for the Super Bowl in February.

The incredible performed posted a picture on her website that was a clear indication of her next big performance.

A large close up Blue Ivy’s mommy’s face features black paint under her eyes with “Feb. 3” on one cheek and “2013” across the other along with the caption “Countdown to Touchdown” in large print across the page assured fans that Beyonce would indeed be the half time show performer for the Super Bowl.

Now that one rumor has been confirmed, bets have already been placed on who will be joining the power house songstress on the stage.

While some believe Frank Ocean would be the best candidate, since he did work with Bey before and is a native of the city where the Super Bowl will be held, New Orleans, some people believe that a Destiny’s Child reunion is under way.

Strangely enough there is only one performer who people are certain will not be joining Blue Ivy’s mom on stage… her husband.

The Super Bowl loves dishing out a surprise and keeping the audience interested with the unexpected, which of course means that the husband and wife duo is likely to not take the stage together this time.

After the “Countdown” crooner already took the stage with her husband in New York for his shows at Barclay’s it would be much too predictable for them to conquer yet another stage only months apart.

So no hint dropping pictures out yet on who will be taking the stage along side the mother of one, but the simple fact that Beyonce will indeed be on the stage promises that this halftime show will be the one for the history books.


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