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Fashion Industry Snubs Ann Romney for Michelle Obama, Ann on The View

Fashion industry turns back on Ann Romney Ann Romney showed impeccable fashion sense once again when she recently appeared on The View, but there is a reason the fashion world has chosen Michelle Obama over Romney as the latest fashion icon.

Whenever Michelle Obama wears a certain designer it hits mainstream media immediately, but when Ann dons lavish designer threads nobody says a word.

Hayley Phelan at Fashionista revealed that there is a reason she is flooded with press releases regarding who Michelle is wearing and not who Ann has on.

“When Ann wore a stunning Oscar de la Renta to the RNC, there was not a peep from his PR team, while we received several notices about Michelle’s DNC wardrobe from Tracey Reese and Laura Smalls respectively,” Phelan pointed out. “When Romney wore a printed Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, DVF’s PR team not only ignored it, but effectively distanced themselves from her saying they were ‘not quite sure how she obtained the dress.’”

Well Hayley broke down the fashion world’s actions and revealed that the industry actually tends to lean left when it comes to politics.

According to Women’s Wear Daily over 50 percent of campaign donations from fashion companies went to the Obama campaign while only 45.9 percent went to Romney’s.

Ann Romney sits down with The View Also, Anna Wintour’s dedication to the Obama campaign has scared many designers away from supporting the Republican Party.

Wintour is the editor of Vogue, one of the most influential fashion magazines in circulation, and not having your pieces featured in the mag because you got on Anna’s bad side could be extremely bad for business.

Of course, there is one obvious and simple reason why many designers would rather have Barack’s wife in their clothes rather than Romney’s – her influence.

Once Michelle puts on a garment, it is sold out nation wide in a matter of days.

Luckily, however, Ann doesn’t seem to mind missing out on being a fashion icon.

According to her designer, Alfred Fiandaca, Ann is more “feminine than high fashion.”

Fiandaca even went on to attack Michelle for not recycling certain garments the way Mitt Romney’s wife does.

“The thing I keep pushing is to not wear a different outfit for every occasion; it’s frivolous,” Alfred said in reference to Michelle’s ever changing wardrobe. “It’s about investment dressing. You make something clean, perfect, simple with beautiful fabric and nice lines and you wear it forever. And it might be a little bit more expensive than J. Crew or whatever but it doesn’t fall apart.”

It seems as if Mr. Fiandaca will be the only one arguing about the matter, however, as Ann revealed she would much rather go back to living a normal life.

“This was a very hard thing for me to decide to go forward again… for the family to have to go through this,” Mrs. Romney said as she sat down the ladies of The View. “The children have a hard time with it. I have a hard time with it.”

Matt Romney, one of the Romney sons, even admitted that he also was reluctant for his father to run for president.

“I didn’t want him to do it,” Matt said while appearing on TBS’s Conan. “I tried to convince him not to. I think there are a few of us who tried that.”

When it came down to it, however, Ann pointed out that she wanted what was best for the nation and if that meant sacrificing a normal life then so be it.

“…I felt as though there was something my husband could offer this country that was uniquely his, that he could bring better economic hope and prosperity to women and men and all Americans,” the lovely 63-year-old said on The View.

However, if his campaign does fall short Mitt’s wife made it clear that “he will not run again – nor will do anything like that.”



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0 thoughts on “Fashion Industry Snubs Ann Romney for Michelle Obama, Ann on The View

  1. Brian Maple says:

    It probably has to do with the fact that the Romney's champion many anti-woman and homophobic policies (being against Lily Ledbetter Act, which would ensure women are paid the same as men if they do the same work and against gay people having the same rights as straight people). Both women and gay men are part of of the fashion industry. It really isn't that complicated. Ann Romney really should have seen this coming. #FAIL

  2. She dresses well for her body type and for comfort. She knows people are watching, but doesn't dress for them or the Press. Classy, self-confident, mature, able woman. Hope to see her in the East Wing this Winter.

  3. Michelle does not have a nice body. She hides things well. If the fashion industry is all over her it is because of their political views. Ann Romney is an attractive women, with a nicer figure, who dresses beautifully and yet they ignore her and care less about what she is wearing. Ann never looks like she has been oiled up. Fair is fair. Let's start giving equal credit for their style.

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