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For Many In Georgia, Debates Are Moot; Ballots Already Cast

The truth for many is that the debates are just another form of conflict-centered reality entertainment. The arguments, platforms and performances matter little because these voters have already cast their ballots and had them tabulated in early voting.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports that Georgians began casting their ballots on Monday, and it will continue for the next three weeks. Early voting begins with polling places and times varying by counties.

Special polling places in all the counties will let voters cast ballots until the Friday before Election Day. The idea is to make things more convenient for those who’ve already made up their mind, allowing them to avoid the long lines on Election Day.

Voter Darrius Chism says he is taking advantage of the early voting because he can’t wait to cast his ballot.

Other voters, like Will Edmond, will wait for Election Day — either still undecided or wanting to be part of the excitement of voting on Election Day itself.

Early voting accounted for 15-percent of the total ballots cast in the 2000 President Election. That number doubled by 2008 to 30-percent.

Despite the convenience of early voting, one voter says it didn’t save him any time during the last election.

“I did early voting, and it took me three tries because the lines were so long…

Yet, there is still something emotionally satisfying about stepping to the plate early and clearly and unequivocally making the choice for your candidate of choice. And in this race, it might already be over for Romney.



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