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Inexpensive, Romantic Date Ideas for the Fall

The leaves are on the ground, sweaters are fashionable again and your joke-a-day calendar has atrophied, which means: it must be fall. Here are ten romantic autumn date ideas to help you make the most of the season.

Foliage Walk/Drive/Bike Ride

Camus once called fall “a second spring, when every leaf … is a flower.” In keeping with his proclamation, take your date on a foliage tour in the coming weeks. Urban folk should opt for an arm-in-arm walk through the park, while their country-dwelling brethren should retreat to a rural two-lane highway in an automobile. Everyone knows girls love riding in cars with boys, especially when operated at devil-may-care speeds.

Apple Picking

This might be a tad regionally specific, but if you are within range of a proper apple orchard, do it. The perfect fall date should incorporate that which is intrinsic to the season: a final chance to celebrate the great outdoors, participating in the harvest and staring at an apple bottom (sorry) from a lower rung of a shared ladder.

Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin patches, like apple orchards, represent a great date destination for their scarcity. Any diversions from stereotypical date suggestions (dinner, drinks, movies) reflect well on the person who proposes them, because most people — believe it or not — enjoy new experiences, especially that kind that can only be accessed for a month or two each year.

Pumpkin Carving

Not everyone can conjure a pumpkin patch from thin air. That’s OK — take a trip to the grocery store and select a couple of specimens that look ripe to have a face etched into them…

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