Beyonce Exits Eastwood Movie, Solange & Jennifer Hudson On Replacement List

Beyonce has officially quit Clint Eastwood’s remake of “A Star is Born”.

“I was looking forward to the production of ‘A Star Is Born’ and the opportunity to work with Clint Eastwood. For months we tried to coordinate our schedules to bring this remake to life but it was just not possible. Hopefully in the future we will get a chance to work together.”

The superstar’s surprising exit now paves the way for a long list of starlets who may be eager to take on the role originally played by Barbra Streisand. According to a list put together by MTV, Jennifer Hudson may be the first option to replace Beyonce. Others on the list include her sister Solange Knowles, Esperanza Spalding, Glee star Lea Michele and Rashida Jones. Check out the partial list below.

Jennifer Hudson
The “American Idol” star has proven both her acting and musical chops over the years, appearing in the musical “Dreamgirls” alongside B in 2006, landing a major role in “Sex and the City 2” as Sarah Jessica Parker’s assistant and even being tapped to tribute Whitney Houston at this year’s Grammy Awards. Oh, and she also sang for President Obama at his recent fundraiser.

Lea Michele
Clearly it takes a strong combination of acting and singing to be a star in the hit series “Glee,” but an obsession with Streisand, the film’s original leading lady, doesn’t hurt either. Michele has been open about her respect for Streisand, admitting that she would love to star in a remake of the actress’ first film “Funny Girl.” Last year, Streisand responded to one of Michele’s tweets, leading the Glee star to declare it “the best day ever.” What could make her happier?

Solange Knowles
Would Beyonce ever consider her little sister Solange to replace her in the upcoming Clint Eastwood production? Although Solange hasn’t locked down major acting roles like her big sis, her musical talent and natural charisma give her an edge in the competition. Her recent video “Losing You” is a perfect example of Solange’s appeal, showing off her quirky and relatable side that girls seem to instantly connect with.

Who do you think should replace Beyonce in “A Star is Born”?

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