Singer Ne-Yo Says Lady Gaga Is No Icon

Ne-Yo recently landed the role as senior vice president of A&R at Motown Records and he’s already taking aim at Lady Gaga. In a recent interview with Daily Star the “Sick & Tired” singer revealed that the music industry is short on icons and despite popular belief Lady Gaga does not fit the bill.

“I’m trying to revitalise Motown by making sure quality is a staple,” said the 29-year old before continuing. “It’s not just about money, they want icons. Who was the last real icon to come out of the music industry? Everybody thought it was going to be Lady GaGa, but where is she right now, what’s going on with her?  Not to take anything away from her because she’s ridiculously talented, but artists who stand the test of time – you just don’t see those any more.”

That comment is sure to rub the millions of Gaga followers affectionately known as Monsters the wrong way. The “Born this Way” singer however has enough on her plate to pay much attention to the apparent swipe. From visiting the WikiLeaks Chief Julian Assange at Ecuadorean Embassy being plagued with rumors of pregnancy after weight gain and vomitting on stage at the during a live performance in Barcelona. There has been no confirmation on the pregnancy though Gaga did have a good laugh at herself when she tweeted footage of the incident.

“Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan “Vomit” Lake.”

Do you agree with Ne-Yo’s thoughts on Lady Gaga’s icon status?

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