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Lindsay Lohan’s Sexy ‘Canyons’ Trailer Marks Campy Comeback

Lohan litany than meets the eye, but maybe the road that leads to a successful career isn’t paved with good intentions. There isn’t anyone in Hollywood more in need of the old risqué role career resuscitation than the controversial redhead who began her silver-screen career in Disney’s ‘The Parent Trap.’

All ironies aside, Lohan hasn’t always been a disaster. She is definitely a far cry from the charming and budding young actress we remember from ‘Freaky Friday’ and ‘Mean Girls,’ and maybe roles that reflect that can do some good. Just coming off an alleged hit-and-run media scandal, ‘The Canyons’ looks like a film that is in the actress’ wheelhouse, so to speak.

 Not to mention, Lohan’s most recent performances were more flop than fantastic. Her last stint on SNL after an attempted comeback from her bad girl rep was critiqued harshly. “Letting Lindsay Lohan host Saturday Night Live was a mistake,” wrote Moviefone’s Mike Ryan.

 If there is anything that the talented Bret Easton Ellis can write well, it’s youth, glamor, sex and Los Angeles. Ellis took those themes to great heights in 1985 with his novel, ‘Less Than Zero.’ His literary brat-pack 80’s status has had definite peaks and valleys over the years, but his novels-turned-film success speaks for itself. Rules of Attraction and American Psycho are both just as controversial as they were successful. Judging from American Psycho, Ellis has gotten better with age (if like me, your definition of better is more twisted and more seductive).

 With Ellis taking the reigns as screenwriter, it’s looking like ‘The Canyons’ has a lot to prove, and not just for Lohan. Much like his characters, he has a counter-culture godlike reputation to maintain after all.

Watch Lindsay Lohan’s Sexy New ‘Canyons’ Trailer Below…

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