Don Lemon Offers Debate Advice To President Barack Obama

CNN’s Don Lemon dismissed both the criticisms and supporter excuses alike of President Barack Obama’s disappointing performance during last week’s presidential debate against Republican hopeful Mitt Romney.

Lemon, instead, offered his own helpful advice to the president as the two men prepare to face off again next week.

“…If I may, Mr. President, some advice — and I would say the same thing to Mr. Romney had he performed as poorly during the debate, so this isn’t partisan. So, with all due respect, Mr. President, with all due respect, if you want to show the right, left, and in between that you’re not “out of your league,” then stop looking at your notes. Stop writing while someone else is talking. Do what my mom — and I’m sure your mom and many moms across the country tell their children, what they teach us — look people, no matter who they are, dead in the eye. Even when you’re tired, down, or maybe even intimidated. And stand up for yourself, because no one else will. That’s my advice.”

Lemon showed clips of left-leaning Chris Matthews’ post-debate venting session and some from the spin offered by both David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs’ during their Sunday morning talk show appearances.

The CNN host summed up the pervading message thusly: “What they’re saying is ‘you lie.’ Remember how those words went over when a Republican said it? Just saying.”

He also discounted excuses — like Al Gore’s wild one that chalked up the President’s performance to Denver’s high altitude – and the talking point that he simply had “other things on his mind.”

He then showed John Sununu’s comments in which he said the President seemed “lazy” and “detached.”

Lemon rejected the assertion that anyone who keeps the schedule the U.S. president does can possibly be anything approaching lazy, but gave Obama his own unsolicited advice.

Obama and Romney will face off again for the second of three presidential debates next week when they meet in Hempstead, N.Y. on Oct. 16.

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