Diners Rally to Save Soul Food Restaurant that Inspired R.E.M. Album Title, ‘Automatic for the People’

Weaver D’s Restaurant: ‘Automatic for the People’

Loyal Athens, GA diners are rallying to support an iconic soul food restaurant who’s enigmatic slogan was the inspiration for a legendary album by Athen’s own favorite-son band, R.E.M.

Lines have been out the door at Weaver D’s Delicious Fine Foods this week after news broke of the iconic soul food restaurant’s hard times.

“There have been outpours of love,” owner Dexter Weaver said Wednesday afternoon. “Donations and all. They want to help me pay our bills.”

On Monday, Weaver warned that his restaurant might have to close if business didn’t pick up. He was behind on bills to the point where technicians were coming to shut off his gas, he said.

The restaurant, at the end of East Broad Street on the edge of the North Oconee River, has served up fried chicken, greens and other soul-food staples for more than 25 years. One of Weaver’s mottos became the title of alternative rock band R.E.M.’s 1992 multi-platinum album, “Automatic for the People.”

Since breaking the news, Weaver said he’s heard some customers say only the line looping through the dining room and out the door have kept them away. University of Georgia President Michael Adams even stopped by for lunch, Weaver said…

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