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10 Foods Some Black People in America Will Eat for the Holidays That Were Passed Down Through Slavery

This Thanksgiving, there are a number of dishes that will grace Black tables that have their origins in slavery. Though many of the foods came from Africa, they were altered or adapted by enslaved Africans to fit the ingredients available to them in the New World. Much of the research for these dishes was compiled by


Blackeyed Peas

Blackeyed peas were first brought to the New World during the transatlantic slave trade as food for slaves. They first arrived in Jamaica around 1675, spreading throughout the West Indies, and finally reaching Florida by 1700, North Carolina in 1738 and into Virginia by 1775. By the time of the American Revolution, blackeyed peas were firmly established in America and became one of the most popular food crops in the southern part of the United States.

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4 thoughts on “10 Foods Some Black People in America Will Eat for the Holidays That Were Passed Down Through Slavery

  1. Every single thing in this article about african cooking is FALSE. Get your facts straight and try again. Oh who the Hell told you that lie about how Fufu is made. Don't insult such a great dish please. You could have at least Goggled it. This nonsense sounds like you wrote the parts about Africa off the top of your head. SMH

  2. And in Africa the only thing we deep fry is Puff Puff and Calla!

  3. Please stop black folks with not eat fried chicken for the holiday where are you getting your facts from

  4. It seems to me you don't know Afican history or American history very well. Please visit West Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa, Northern Africa.
    Additionally read these books:
    The SAGE Encyclopedia of African Cultural Heritage in North America (TWO VOLUMES)

    What the Slaves Ate: Recollections of African American Foods

    In the Shadow of Slavery: Africa's Botanical Legacy

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