Time Travel + Found Footage + Michael Bay = 'Almanac'

The Hollywood Reporter reports (from Hollywood) that a deal has been sealed between Paramount and Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay’s production company, to make a new film called Almanac. All details on the project, based off a spec script written by newcomers Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan, are being kept tightly under wraps. All that has been revealed is that it will be found footage. Slashfilm also claims that their sources have told them that the story involves time travel.

It’s interesting how found footage has expanded beyond the horror genre into all kinds of films. Earlier this year we got Chronicle, a science fiction film (People call it a “superhero” movie because superpowers are involved. They are wrong) and Project X, a teen comedy. Just last month, there was End of Watch, a buddy cop movie that was something like half found footage. It seems that people outside of horror have realized that productions that don’t demand much investment, but which can return some phenomenal rewards, can work with any kind of story. A found footage time travel film? Why not?

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