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Stanley Tucci: I Want To Be In Transformers 4

Michael Bay has just announced that Stanley Tucci has agreed to join Transformers 4. Bay delivered the news on the Paramount panel at CinemaCon in Las Vegas Tuesday morning.

Tucci will be working with co-stars Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor and Nicola Peltz. Paramount Studios is still in the process of putting together the cast of the untitled sequel, so expect more updates as the cast is assembled.

Details of the screenplay and plot points have not been revealed, but Comingsoon reported that Bay hinted at a chase sequence in the film calling it a “Chase From Hell.”

Recently starring in Bryan Singer’s CGI filled Jack The Giant Slayer, Tucci should be a seamless fit amongst the giant CGI alien robots. Also, the broadway actor will be reprising his role Cesar Flickerman in the up coming Suezanne Collins adaptation The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Transformers 4 is preparing for a June 27 2014 release date.

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