Nicole Kidman Causes Drama On Film Set For Refusing To Say 'N' Word

Nicole Kidman stood her ground after making the decision to not utter the N-word in one of her scenes for Lee Daniels’ Paperboy. The film, based on a true story, stars Kidman, John Cusack, Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, David Oyelowo, and Macy Gray.

According to Rotten Tomatoes,

“The Paperboy’ takes audiences deep into the backwaters of steamy 1960s South Florida, as investigative reporter Ward Jansen and his partner Yardley Acheman chase a sensational, career-making story. With the help of Ward’s younger brother Jack and sultry death-row groupie Charlotte Bless, the pair tries to prove violent swamp-dweller Hillary Van Wetter was framed for the murder of a corrupt local sheriff.”

Daniels requested Kidman’s character Charlotte Bless, a vixen trying to free her boyfriend, to call her co-star Oyelowo the N-word. She refused.

At a press conference on Wednesday it appeared Kidman’s protest was a serious matter. Daniels confessed he took her refusal to producers in an effort to force her to comply. The producer in turn told the director he already had his way with putting the actors in uncomfortable positions including Kidman completing a scene where she pees on Efron.

“I didn’t feel like it was right for the character,” said Kidman at the conference before adding, “I have a son who’s African American and I just didn’t feel it was right. It wasn’t right.”

In the end Kidman came to appreciate Daniels method of pushing the actors.

“I want to be in places I’ve never been before. I want to go home at night and feel discomfort.”

This film should be interesting to say the least. Check out a trailer below.

Meanwhile, Kidman was pulled into the divorce drama between her ex-husband Tom Cruise and his now ex-wife Katie Holmes. It was believed that the actress advised Holmes on her divorce but in an interview with Australian magazine Who Kidman refuted the rumors.

“I never spoke to her,” Kidman said. “I wish all of them well, but I was not involved in any of that.”

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