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Bobbi Kristina's Beau Nick Gordon At Center Of Houston Family Rift

Bobbi Kristina has repeatedly declared that boyfriend Nick Gordon is the only bright light in her life after the untimely passing her beloved mother Whitney Houston. The couple who called off their short engagement were once considered a family when her mother Whitney Houston took him in an unofficially adopted him.

Bobbi and Nick’s relationship didn’t take off until after her mother’s death and no one in the Houston family approves.

Earlier this week, documents surfaced that Houston’s mother Cissy Houston filed a request with the courts for the creation of a “testamentary trust,” that would split the control of the estate left behind for Bobbi and allow the family to have a more direct role in how Houston’s daughter receives the money. According to the document, Cissy feels that her granddaughter is “a highly visible target for those who would exert undue influence over her inheritance and/or seek to benefit from respondent’s resources and celebrity.”

Not surprisingly the 19-year old is livid.

“Bobbi is extremely angry at her grandmother for filing legal docs asserting that she is essentially hanging around with losers and users. Cissy has made it known that she is extremely unhappy with the presence of Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s ‘boyfriend/brother’ in her granddaughter’s life. Right now Bobbi has absolutely no contact with her, Cissy or her aunt, Pat Houston. If Bobbi has concerns about payments from her mom’s estate, she calls her lawyer.”

Sadly, Bobbi’s track record with her boyfriend isn’t exactly glowing. Just last week the couple was involved in car accident and police was called to their apartment for loud noises. Prior to that Nick tweeted a photo of him holding up a gun while driving.

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