Nas Stars in Voting PSA

Rapper Nas stars in a new initiative motivating young Americans to vote. The Queensbridge born artist is the latest celebrity to star in a series of public service announcements sponsored by, a Washington D.C. based nonprofit organization focused on young adults and children. The ad premiered on Tuesday, the eve of the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and his opponent, GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

“The future of this country is in the hands of young people,” Nas says in the video. “We have the power. We can go to the polls in droves … and vote to get the person that we want. We can do that.”

Usher, Renee Zellweger and Steve Carrell are some of the other stars brought on by as a part of their voter registration initiative. Nas spoke on his new sense of agency, having voted in the last election. “Now that I’ve voted I feel so much power that I didn’t feel before,” Nas said. “I feel like I got power, like what I say matters,” he said.

Tomorrow’s debate will be held at the University of Denver, starting at 9pm. Live coverage will span across all of the major networks including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and several other cable channels.

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