Eagles’ Michael Vick Spent $29 Million In Four Years

Michael Vick made lots of money with the Atlanta Falcons and he spent it, too. Reports emerged during his dog-fighting trial of 2008 about the financial strain the star endured. Court documents paint a clear picture.

According to TMZ,  which viewed paperwork Vick filed, the Philadelphia Eagles went through $29.6 million in four years since filing for bankruptcy. Vick’s financial troubles stem from his dogfighting conviction and 18 months he spent in federal prison from 2007-2009. He signed with the Eagles in 2009.

During the four-year period, Vick had income of about $31 million from his Eagles salary, endorsements and business ventures, TMZ said, citing the documents.

Vick paid out a total of $29.6 million — $10.9 million in taxes, $9.2 million to creditors, $2.7 million to lawyers and accountants and $6.8 million in child support and living expenses, according to the documents.

The former Falcon still has $1.5 million left, TMZ reported, and that does not count a new contract he signed with the Eagles last year that is worth a reported $100 million, $40 million of which is guaranteed.

So, seems the one-time troubled quarterback has truly made the financial comeback of all comebacks. He’s the first player in league history to sign two $100-million deals. The second contract is the one that his detractors never expected – or wanted – to see him earn.

But after a year on the bench with Philly, Vick earned the starting position and flourished, winning the league’s comeback of player of the year award. That season wrought him a Pro Bowl spot and another enormous contract. It also helped that Vick has been a model citizen, showing that his traumatic experience helped him grow into a more responsible person. Now he just has to be consistent on the field, or the Philadelphia fans — the most unforgiving in sports — will let him know how disenchanted they are.


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