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Kanye West Parties in Paris Amid Rumors Of A Kim Kardashian Breakup

Cooling off or settling in?

Kanye West hopped the pond to Paris for Fashion Week leaving girlfriend Kim Kardashian to wipe her own tears on the ninth anniversary of her father’s death. Kardashian spent the evening dining somberly with her family at an exclusive Miami restaurant as West was likely wrapping up an evening of partying at a more festive affair–the 20th anniversary of Purple Magazine.

The separation of the previously inseparable couple have celebrity watchers speculating on whether the embers are beginning to cool between the two who have been dating since April. West’s decision to leave his woman’s side during an emotional time could signal that the two aren’t as close as they were at the onset.

An unidentified source debunked the speculation telling celebrity gossip guru Perez Hilton that “there’s no truth that Kanye and Kim are cooling off.” The couple’s decision could just be the natural progression that happens between two people when the “honeymoon” phase is over.

What remains a hotspot, however, is Kardashian’s efforts to avoid running into her sex tape co-star, Ray J. Kardashian was forced to abruptly leave the dinner honoring her father when she discovered Ray J would be dining at the same spot with boxer Floyd Mayweather. The reality TV star, who has expressed shame over making the tape, exited the restaurant through a side door just before Ray J entered. Ray J was not aware that the Kardashian family was dining at the restaurant.

Ironically, it was the sex tape, believed to have been released by Kardashian’s mother Kris, that launched Kardashian’s career nine years ago.

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  1. First of all, this restaurant in Miami can't be that exclusive if the Kardashians were dining there. Second, her sex tape was not done nine years ago–it was done in 2007, five years ago. Her father passed away nine years ago in 2003. Third, Kanye fled to Paris because he, like the rest of us, is getting sick of Kim and antics. What is happening now is the countdown to the end of another relationship.

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