Halle Berry and Ex Gabriel Aubry Take Daughter Nahla to Pumpkin Patch

Halle Berry and ex Gabriel Aubry put a cease fire on the bitter custody battle long enough to take daughter Nahla to a pumpkin patch out in Simi Valley, California on Monday.

The two seemed to realize it was important that they both get to experience taking their daughter to the fun fall themed pumpkin patch, but they still remained distant from one another throughout the entire day.

Another female companion joined the couple along with another young girl who is assumed to be a friend of Nahla’s.

The X-Men star and her ex boyfriend remained so distant from one another that it was impossible for photographers to snap a photo of the two together.

The proud mother of one still didn’t let the awkward tension get in the way of enjoying a day out with her little girl.

She bought some treats and fall flowers as she watched her 4-year-old ride the rides and even hopped on one of the kiddie rides along with her.

After the full day of fun at the pumpkin patch, Nahla seemed to have a great time despite the fact that her father returned to his car with a rather gloomy look on his face.

There wasn’t awkward tension in the air for Halle this weekend, however, as she spent a day in Malibu with her fiancé Olivier Martinez.

Catwoman may be ready to move to France to escape all the privacy invading photographers in L.A but she still isn’t ready to turn her back on sunny California for good.

She joined Martinez as they both looked for rental homes and seemed to agree on one that they both liked.

The soon to be married couple went to check out the Malibu rental property and seemed to be quite fond of the home despite the fact that it needed some good old fashioned TLC.

The run down home was a beach front property however and perhaps that was enough to have the superstar couple sold.

In addition to hunting for a new home, the award winning actress has another major project on her hands.

This October she will be returning to the big screen along side Tom Hanks, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, Doona Bae, Hugh Grant, and more for the epic film “Cloud Atlas.”

Berry will be portraying a variety of different women from different races and time periods and will even get a chance at portraying the opposite gender as she plays a Korean male doctor.


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