Beyonce Baby Blue’s Famous Play Date? Solange Debuts ‘Losing You’ Video

Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy Carter may already be having play dates with some other high profile babies while her sister Solange releases a new music video for “Losing You.”

It’s no secret that Beyonce and Alicia Keys have a pretty tight relationship after doing a music video together in Brazil and joining forces during Keys’ gala.

So do the two celebrity mommies set up play dates for both their young bundles of joy?

“We do. We have like our little play dates… Nah,” Keys joked when asked about the matter. “But no, we’re friends and it’s amazing to be able to have children at the same time – it’s actually really cool.”

So although we may not be seeing any famous play dates between Alicia’s son Egypt and Blue Ivy just yet there is still some hope that the two will grow into being pals in the future.

The R&B starlets may not be having play dates for the children but they are joining forces and fighting for the same cause.

Beyonce, as well as Jennifer Lopez and a host of other famous ladies, are all coming out as women in support of President Obama.

The new campaign video for the president features Jay-Z’s wife along with Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria, Padma Lakshmi, and Olivia Wilde as they all urge women in America to get out and support the Obama/Biden ticket.

“[Obama] has the story that I can tell my daughter because it shows that no matter where you star you can work hard and do whatever you put your mind to,” the “Sweet Dreams” crooner said in the video.

“We could lose some of these rights that I know I – being born in 1960 – take for granted [if Mitt Romney wins],” said the Glee actress Jane Lynch who also spoke on the video in support of Obama. “I was brought up with abortion being legal. I was brought up knowing that there was a Planned Parenthood where I could go and get screenings.”

While Beyonce is busy doing all she can to endorse Obama, her sister Solange has recently released a new music video for her song “Losing You.”

The well anticipated video was shot in South Africa and directed by Melina Matsoukas.

“When Melina and I decided to film ‘Losing You’ in South Africa, we really didn’t have a real firm concept in place,” Solange admitted. “It was sort of a grab a camera and let’s go moment.”

The entire case of the video seemed to have great chemistry and a lot of fun together on camera, which was something the soulful singer was hoping to capture.

“I knew I wanted to capture a couple things: the vibe of our friendship and all of the crazy escapades we’ve gotten ourselves into all over the world, and the abstract and elegant Le Sape Society (Society for the Advancement of People of Elegance) formed in the Congo which was documented by Daniele Tamagni in his Gentleman of Bacongo book,” Beyonce’s younger sister explained.

The young Knowles sister’s style in the video was impeccable as well as she teamed up with Ty Hunter, the fashion guru behind her sister’s best fashion moments.

Solange looked stunning in colorful hot pants, cardigans, and bright power suits.

Her eclectic style didn’t go unnoticed either as she also posed for an upcoming feature in Elle South Africa where she flaunted clothes made only by “local based designers.”

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