Usher Orders Ex Wife Tameka Raymond To Move Out His Home

Usher has just ordered his ex wife to move out of his Georgia home which she has been living in since the divorce as he prepares to put the home on the market.

Tameka Raymond has been benefiting a lot from Usher’s kindness, and it seems like the R&B star has finally had enough. From chartering flights for his ex to go see her son to giving her a place to stay for free, the “Scream” crooner has had enough of his ex freeloading.

According to TMZ, the rumored Voice judge for the show’s next season had his lawyer send the mother of his children a letter informing her that the 12,000 square foot mansion will be going on the market soon.

The 33-year-old has no remorse and believes he has given the 41-year-old wardrobe stylist plenty of time to get her own income and find a place to stay.

The couple divorced in 2009 and ever since then Usher’s ex has been living the luxurious life for free in the reportedly $3 million mansion.

The divorce decree did give the “Climax” singer the right to sell the home whenever he wanted just so long as he gave his ex a 60 day notice.

With her celebrity styling career depending heavily on Mary J Blige and Lauryn Hill, who both have been running into a lot of legal troubles, it seems like they definitely won’t be her source of income this time.

As can be expected, Tameka didn’t take the news well.

Shortly after losing the custody battle with Usher, now she is losing her home as well.

She is probably wishing she would have been a bit kinder to her ex husband throughout the custody battle now.

During the bitter custody war over the couple’s two sons, Foster-Raymond took to the media and Twitter to call the “Lemme See” crooner a slew of cruel names and even accuse him of bribing the judge who was in charge of their custody case.

Despite the chart topping R&B crooner’s generosity, he certainly hasn’t been a superman throughout this entire ordeal.

When he sat across from Oprah Winfrey during his interview for Oprah’s Next Chapter he admitted that he did indeed had an affair with one of his ex’s bridesmaids.

His talk with the queen of day time television made one thing very obvious, the father of two has a substantial amount of guilt he is holding in and there may actually be more to the story than any media outlet, publicist, or even judge really knows.

After the Light It Up star finished a very incriminating interview with Oprah, Tameka took her seat across from an Entertainment Tonight host and reacted in a way that not many people expected.

Instead of going on with her usual loud antics and name calling, she was reserved, rather quiet, and seemed genuinely hurt by the father of children’s confession.

She also admitted that she never had any proof that he slept with her dear friend, but she had always suspected it.

Raymond-Foster has certainly been less than pleasant throughout this entire ordeal with her ex, but you can’t help but admit that learning her husband was never faithful, losing one child to death, and the other two to her ex must be a lot for this mom to handle.

An attitude adjustment may be needed, but much sympathy and understanding should also be given to the feisty wardrobe stylist.


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