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Florida Republicans Accused of Fraudulent Registration Forms

A firm working on behalf of the Republican Party of Florida has been accused of submitting potentially fraudulent voter registration forms in at least 10 counties. The claims from Florida election officials have led the state’s Republican Party to file an election fraud complaint against Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm they originally employed. The allegations have prompted controversy within the Republican National Committee, which confirmed that it had suggested the firm to state parties in seven swing states.

Strategic Allied Consulting earned at least $3.1 million from parties in Florida, Nevada, Virginia, North Carolina and Colorado to register voters and promote get-out-the-vote operations. Wisconsin and Ohio had contracted the firm as well, but has not yet paid for those services. On Thursday the RNC publically severed ties with the firm, after election officials in Palm Beach County released 106 voter registration forms to prosecutors that contained possible forgeries and other issues.

Election officials across the state are now evaluating the voter registration forms handed in by the state Republican groups to prevent further inconsistences. Florida GOP officials said that Strategic Allied Consulting did in fact submit forms with fake signatures and false information, according to their formal complaint. Vicki Davis, the president of the Florida State Assn. of Supervisors Elections said Friday that officials in Bay, Lee, Clay, Escambia, Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties had also identified issues with Republican registration forms. In Santa Rosa specifically, election officials took issue with 100 applications out of about 400 submitted by the state Republican Party.

Ironically, Florida is one of several states that adopted new voter identification laws in order to prevent cases of voter fraud. Republicans have been the largest supporters of the law, while liberals and Democrats have argued that such strict voter regulations were discriminatory for poor and minority residents. With the discovery of the problematic registration forms, Republicans specifically are guilty of the type of fraud they sought to eliminate with voter ID laws.

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11 thoughts on “Florida Republicans Accused of Fraudulent Registration Forms

  1. Republicans acting unethical… surprise here!

  2. Hmmmm…..I love Florida, except for the corruption.

  3. …i guess Strategic means fraud and more pond scum for a state that has plenty.

  4. You've got to give the Republicans credit for first saying there was a problem that nobody else saw. Then, because the problem didn't exist, they hired a company that created the problem for real. Talk about dirty politics! It's hard for me to understand how anyone can believe anything that they say. How many lies do they need to get caught in before some people realize just how unethical they are.

  5. Mormons found guilty on 13 counts of election fraud in California.

    Three months later the Mormon Church filed an amended return in which they admitted to spending $190,000. Unfortunately, this was 3 months after the election, so 17 million California voters never were able to know the full extent of the Mormon involvement until well after the.

    The Mormon Church ran phone banks, sent out direct mail, had well designed web sites, produced 27 slick commercials, bussed people in from Utah and had lots of travel expenses by high ranking Church officials.

    They also raised approximately $30 million from Mormon families to pass Proposition 8.

    The Mormon Church also was behind the creation of the infamous National Organization for Marriage (NOM) in 2007, and was the biggest contributor to pass Prop 8.

    The Mormon's non profit status with 500 corporate entities and meddling in politics makes a mockery of charity… which is a dirty word to Mormons anyway.

    They should have had their non profit status revoked a long time ago.

  6. Recently admitted to Augusta, Darla Moore and Bush were part owners in the Texas Rangers. Darla Moore was credited with removing current Florida Governor, Rick Scott as CEO of HCA because Darla's husband owned HCA.

    Scott left the 7th largest employer in the US with a golden parachute worth $500 million. Then Bain came in and cleaned up the mess after the 14 felonies and $650 million in fines.

    Why wasn't Rick Scott ever convicted of MedicAid and Medicare fraud?

    All the money grubers of the GOP want to be heir apparent to the Bush crime family especially Romney. Romney has been in on it all this time.

  7. Kevin Rhodes says:

    A republican cheated and lied? Yeah, right. Next you'll tell me that we sent a man to the moon. The reason it is impossible for this story to be true is that republicans are Christian, and Christians emulate Christ in their daily lives. Christ was a good and honest man, therefore Christians are good and honest people who want nothing more than what is best for everybody. Simple. This is obviously a framejob. /sarcasm

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmm…the Republicans scramble like roaches that just had a light shined on them. No where to hide roaches and the voters are getting ready to exterminate.

  9. Kevin Rhodes says:

    I was just talking with a friend about this story about 10 minutes ago (I had seen it earlier, he was working and had not seen it yet). He made essentially the same observation that Ronald Feinsod made below. This will now empower the republicans to further erode voting rights…BUT they will say, "Hey, it was one of our guys who got caught, so obviously this is a non-partisan issue." Typical False Flag. I am embarrassed that I didn't see it right away.

  10. Kevin Rhodes says:

    And one more thing…The people responsible need to be charged for every count and have the prison terms run consecutively just to let people know that voter fraud will not be tolerated. Also, an investigation needs to be done to find out what relationship the owner of the company has with people in power in the republican party.

    A guy can dream, can't he?

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