Atlanta’s Water Rates Spike Higher Than Other Cities Over Last 12 Years

USA Today released a study that examines the residential water rates of 100 municipalities across the country. According to their findings, Atlanta ranked atop those cities, claiming the largest spike in rates over the past 12 years.

While more than a quarter of those municipalities have seen their water bills double since 2001, Atlanta’s rates grew by approximately 233 percent. That echoes what the City of Atlanta’s audit — released earlier this week — stated regarding ratepayer costs, which have increased 81 percent since 2008.

In addition, USA Today also notes that the City of Atlanta’s rates — measured by monthly usage of 1,000 cubic feet of water — can be partially attributed to $1.3 billion spent on improvements to the city’s water supply system in order to remain complaint with federal mandates. This includes, as Thomas Wheatley pointed out, sewer work that is expected to continue through 2027 — thanks to the 13-year extension that the city received.

According the AJC, city officials expect to maintain currents water rates through at least 2016 — preferring to not lower costs with more upgrades and repairs on the horizon…

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