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Kate Middleton Topless Photo Scandal Goes Bottomless

Photos of Kate Middleton bottomless have been published by a popular Danish magazine just days after the Royal Family won their case against the French magazine who published photos of the Duchess topless.

Danish magazine, Se Og Hor, has published several photos of Kate sunbathing, some of which she has bikini bottoms on and in others… not quite.

The Duchess didn’t go long without her bikini bottoms, but the few moments when they weren’t covering her royal derriere the paparazzi was steady snapping away.

If Prince William was angry over his wife’s topless photos being published, one can only imagine how he’ll feel about seeing his wife’s bare bottom spread throughout pages of a Danish magazine.

The Closer suffered major consequences for publishing photos of Prince William’s wife, including those staff members involved in the scandal being placed on probation, but that surely didn’t stop Se Og Hor.

“It’s a set of unique photos from an A-class celebrity,” Danish editor Kim Henningsen said. “We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them. If the British royal family want to sue us, then it will happen then and we’ll deal with it.”

The 30-year-old royal fashion icon’s butt has only been published in Denmark, but her topless photos have already been circulating all over France, Italy, and Ireland.

The Closer, who were the first to publish the topless photos of Kate, have also claimed to have possession of the royal couple having sex, but even if they do have the photos their recent loss in court probably means they’ll be keeping those tucked away.

However, the fact that a gossip magazine got their hands on topless, bottomless, and supposedly sex photos of royalty and see it as nothing more than a money bag is quite concerning.

All the semi nude photos of the Royal Highness was taken while she was sunbathing alone with her husband on the secluded balcony of a home that was miles away from any others.

Paparazzi had to use a special lens in order to capture the photos, and even with the incredible zoom capacity of the special lens the photos produced are still relatively blurry which gives good indication of just how far away this photographer really was.


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