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Kate Middleton Finally Emerges With Growing Baby Bump

Kate’s Baby Bump – Kate Middleton revealed her growing baby bump while she was out shopping for maternity clothes Wednesday after spending quite some time out of the public eye.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy announcement marked the beginning of the biggest baby watch and it seems like the baby bump is finally starting to emerge.

Kate’s adoring fans have been dying to see the Duchess walk around with a pregnant tummy and while her bump is tiny and barely able to be seen, it was enough to get people excited about the royal baby on the way.

Middleton seemed to have go into hiding for quite some time after a string of unfortunate circumstances plagued her pregnancy with some tragic news. While she was being hospitalized for severe morning sickness, a radio prank call gone wrong caused one of her nurses to commit suicide.

Prince William’s wife was notably upset and saddened by the unexpected tragedy and revealed that the nurse, along with the rest of the staff at the hospital, had been incredibly kind and caring during her stay.

More than one month later, however, Kate is finally back on her feet and making her way around London to do some shopping.

She hit the town in search of some fashionable maternity clothes while she did her best to conceal her baby bump under a plaid parka.

Proving that being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to ditch your fashion sense, the royal mommy-to-be paired the parka with some skinny leggings and brown knee high boots.

The petite Duchess had her hair pulled back away from her face, showing yet another sign of her pregnancy – a much fuller face.

Twitter was sent into a frenzy with the photos first hit the web.

“Kate’s bump picture oh my gosh it makes me so excited for when the baby comes,” one Kate fan page tweeted.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Yes! Kate’s baby bump is showing! I was getting so tired of hearing about kim’s bump.”

While some Twitter users are growing weary of hearing about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, Kate’s baby bump doesn’t exactly mean the obsession will stop here.

With both ladies sharing due dates around the same time in July, it’s likely that the two celeb babies will definitely be sharing the spotlight.

For now, Prince William’s wife is just happy to be healthy again and is ready to start getting things together for her royal tyke to arrive.

“[Kate is] arranging meetings with the charities she is involved with and planning future engagements before the baby is born,” a royal insider told Us Weekly. “She wants to keep herself busy now that she is feeling better.”


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