Natalie Portman Is Ideal Choice For Jackie O


According to, Natalie Portman seems to be the next choice to play Jackie Kennedy in an upcoming Fox Searchlight film. The Noah Oppenheim penned drama, Jackie, would focus on Jackie O and the aftermath of her husband’s assassination.

There is some speculation about if the Jewish 5’3″ actress is suited to play the Irish Catholic 5’7″ fashion icon, but those critics forget that it’s Hollywood and anything is possible. Plenty of actors have played roles differing from their religious convictions. Hello, how many times has Tom Cruise played a Scientologist? (Ahem, none). Speaking of Tom Cruise, if camera tricks can make the 5’7″ actor  seem taller than his female counterparts, then they can certainly help Natalie look 5’7″. Plus Cruise wears lifts in his shoes, can’t Natalie just wear heels?

Natalie’s commitment to the script depends on who is chosen as director. Darren Arnofsky, of  the Oscar Winning Black Swan, is rumored to be in the running, however Steven Speilberg has also shown interest in the film.

The Black Swan actress has certainly proved her acting chops with roles ranging from the face painted Queen Amidala in Star Wars: Episode I to a bald Evey in V for Vendetta and let’s not forget her Academy Award winning role as Nina Sayers in Black Swan. I think it’s fair to say the Oscar winner can pull this off and pull it off with style.  Hopefully a director is chosen that suits her fancy, losing Natalie Portman in any role would definitely be a mistake.

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