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Justin Timberlake Drinks "The Last Drop"

Justin Timberlake will likely be cast in the Good Universe’s The Last Drop directed by Peter Stollett (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist). Timberlake would play an alcoholic restaurant critic who falls in love and realizes he needs to sober up before he can get the girl. Timberlake will no doubt be charming in this role and the audience will be rooting for the lovable actor to overcome his addiction.

Timberlake has proved his scope of acting abilities with roles ranging from a napster guru Sean Parker in Social Network to drug dealing gang member Frankie Ballenbacher in Alpha Dog. He’s mastered the romantic comedy lead role with his performace as Dylan Harper in Friends with Benefits. Last but not least, we all know he has the comedy thing down with his many hilarious cameos on SNL. Timberlake doesn’t have a perfect record though, I for one think the movie In Time was nothing to be proud of. I think this role will require more character development than his previous work, however this singer-turned-actor has certainly proved himself worthy of a challenge.

Keep an eye out for him in the upcoming buzzworthy films, including a Coen Brothers folk music flick Inside Llewyn Davis with Carey Mulligan and the online gaming drama Runner, Runner with Ben Affleck. He was most recently featured in the new release starring Clint Eastwood, Trouble With the Curve, in which he plays love interest to Amy Adams.

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