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Secrets to a Successful Marriage

The words, “till death do us part” are a part of traditional marriage vows that are not always taken seriously. In fact, the divorce rate is at an all time high. Marriage has turned into something that is easily thrown away.

Successful marriages don’t just happen. Successful, long term marriages happen because the couple works hard at the marriage. What is their secret to a long term marriage? There are many things that you and your spouse can do to ensure that your marriage lasts a lifetime:

Never say the “D” word:

People who are in the marriage for the long haul, never say divorce. They enter the marriage with the vows close to the heart. The take, “till death do us part” very serious. When an argument erupts, divorce is not a word that is used.

There is no such thing as the perfect marriage:

Every marriage has problems whether large or small there will be conflict. No marriage is perfect, and knowing this going into the marriage can help the marriage last a long time.

Communication is key to a long marriage:

If problems arise and are not discussed they will brew into bigger problems that may not be solved unless there is communication. Communication should be used when the problems are small, so that they get solved before they get so big that they can’t be solved.

Trust each other:

Trust your spouse and do not do things that will shake that trust he/she has in you. Couples that trust each other have a more happy, satisfying marriage, because there is not that constant worry about what the other is doing when you are apart. Infidelity is the number one thing you or your spouse can do to break that trust. Marriage is a union between two people, not three or four.

Commitment, commitment, commitment:

Marriage is a commitment between two people. That sometimes gets lost as the real world interferes with the relationship. If you stay committed to one another, your marriage with last a long time.

Friendship first:

If you don’t like each other as friends, as people, how are you going to stay in love and married? You spouse should be your best friend…

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